Fantasies in Papier Mâché

About Us

Who we are...

We are a group of cousins, sisters, and friends who started making masks as accessories for a fancy party and became addicted. Rather than curb that addiction (I mean, really, who WOULD!?), we opted to open up shop and share with the mask-deprived world!

Using very non-traditional mask-making methods and putting just about anything on a mask—from the usual feathers, glitter, and ribbon, to upcycled junk, broken jewelry, and scrap fabric--we consider ourselves the new-age artists of an age-old art form. Hence, we are the Mask Nouveau.

Elegant Mask
Elegant and Comfortable

What we do...

ArtisanMaskers has happily provided these fun and elegant pieces for many various events, including:

Here is a review from one of many of our wonderful customers:

The caliber of this seller's customer service is surpassed only by her skill as an artisan. Extremely satisfied with this purchase.

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We are exited by what we do, and love to spark the imaginations of our customers with our craft. We hope that we can soon help you bring your imagination to life too,


Amanda Carroll & Ashley Stubbs